Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clean Eating

So...Daniel and I have completely revamped the way we eat since I last posted. It started out as an experiment to see what might be causing Daniel's tummy trouble, but we really like it, and are planning on making it a lifetime commitment. Let me explain what got us excited about it....For a long time I have been concerned with the way we eat. I felt like it was fairly healthy (especially compared with the average American diet), and I tried to follow the word of wisdom, but I still felt like our diet was not quite right. Wondering what to do, and how to break the cycle, and concerned about Daniel's GI episodes, I started to do some research.

I found a diet I was interested in starting called "The Virgin Diet." It was basically an experiment to take certain foods out of your diet completely, and then add them back in again slowly, taking special note of what happened to your body. Those foods are Dairy, Soy, Corn, Eggs, Sugar (or subs), Peanuts, and Gluten.  We actually started doing that and did really great for 2 weeks, and then "summer" hit and we realized we were going to have to change our plans. Daniel has a conference this weekend that will feed him several times, and with the current American diet vs. the Virgin diet, we doubted Daniel would be able to eat anything at all. Because gluten, soy, and corn are in almost EVERYTHING! Not to mention scout camps (2) and weekend vacations. So the testing is put on hold until the fall when trips/vacations end and real life starts again.  However, that doesn't mean we are going back to the way things were. We now feel very strongly about this whole thing, and do not plan to go back.

During this time of research, I was talking to a friend about changing the way we eat and in particular about Daniel's episodes, he mentioned this documentary. Well, this is a trailer for it, but we watched the whole thing. You can find it at your library or if you have Amazon Prime or Netflix you can watch it there too.

Although we are sure there are hidden agendas with them (as well as with any other movie or organization), we feel that it really can't hurt to eat this way. I mean, who is going to die from eating more vegetables and fruits? No one. There are many instances in this documentary and I have also heard from others who have switched to whole foods, raw, paleo, green smoothie, etc. diets, of amazing turn arounds in health. AMAZING. My thoughts? Well, I'm not expecting amazing experiences or stories from changing the way I eat, like those people, but I am only hoping it makes me more healthy than I have ever been in the past. NOW is the time to change. NOW while I am still young, and can easily change my habits.

So we've been eating "clean" (no processed foods, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, and LOTS of vegetables and fruits) for a couple weeks now. We have already seen amazing results. We have both lost 5 lbs (or more...we weigh in on Mondays), I am fitting into my clothes better, and we have experienced WAY less cravings. (Although the first weeks was amazingly rough as far as cravings go.)  As far as non-measurable things go, we both feel that we have more energy (again, except that first week), I have been able to run when I never had been able to before, and we both feel great!

So, I would encourage all of you to re-think the way you eat, and be willing to make some changes for your health. 'Cause seriously, who's not gonna benefit from eating more veggies?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crunch Wraps

Taco Bell has always been one of Daniel's favorite restaurants. It's always on his list of suggestions if we are eating out, but don't want to spend too much money. One of the things he loves (and I do too actually) is their crunch wraps. We thought it might be easy to recreate our own...So that's just what we did. It's super easy, and super visual, so I'll give you the recipe in photos.

Start with an extra large flour tortilla warmed for about 10 secs in the microwave, add meat/beans and cheese.

Add fried corn tortilla and sour cream.

Add lettuce and tomatoes.

Fold. Start at one end making small (tight) folds until it closes.

It should look like this.

You could use a sandwich press if you have one, but we don't so we lightly toasted it on a pan. Press down to make sure the ends stay folded.
And the other side.

Take a photo to show all your friends.

Add salsa if you like and Enjoy! PS. You don't have to cut it. :)